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Anna Kami

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We’ll start with my absolute favorite of the year Anna Kami. This Idea Pocket exclusive has really come into her own in the past year or ví. A 2020 debut that has gone better in a hurry. She started off as a typical looking long haired brunette but has leveled up in greatly with a shorter cut and an improved styling. Anna feels lượt thích a genuine JAV idol emphasis on the idol part. She's become really active outside of just shoot videos. Doing photoshoots, interviews, shows, and best of all brulesque dances on the side. A big charismatic personality that is very pleasing and enthusiastic vĩ đại the bone. Could she be as big a star for Idea Pocket alongside the likes of Kana Momonogi and Minami Aizawa? I’m expecting and hoping she will be.

This budding star already has super star looks. Since going short haired her beauty has increased tenfold. I love her silky smooth light brown hair. Medium length hair that I still flowing and can be put up for shorter styles or in lots of different shades. A beautiful face with big cheeks and a darker skin tone. She’s got a glowing smile that has just a hint of a gap in her two front teeth. Something I find endearing. Perfect eye shape that sharp, narrow, and just the right size for her face. On top of that she’s got a fun and varied fashion sense that is making her a hot ticket in the photoshoot scene too. Anna’s face is real easy on the eyes.

On the physical side she is no slouch either and just my type. A slender body toàn thân that’s nicely balanced. Fit, toned, and full bodied; she’s no skinny stick. Sporting a small D cup chest with thick pokey nipples but is bigger below. A bottom heavy girl after my heart with wide hips and a fantastic ass. A perfectly medium ass that is firm yet still has some fat vĩ đại it. Not too big, not too small; Anna is just right. Her khiêu vũ and burlesque interest has given her a nice flexibility and limberness. A dancer’s body toàn thân on top of everything. Fans of more pear shaped bodies will lượt thích this medium sized snack.

On the performing side Anna is rock solid there too. trò chơi for fun, solid acting, good in the bedroom, but best of all that beaming personality. A great attitude, she’s the type best suited with no plot needed. Anna can headline a title on her own charisma and manner. She would make for a great emcee. She’s versatile in the bedroom too. Good at being more aggressive or lying back and letting herself be taken over. Quite okay with a bit of manhandling too. She’s best suited for more loving and pleasing scenes however. She’s a great match for those service type roles lượt thích maid, masseuse, tutor, etc. Anna Kami became a bright budding star in JAV this year and her future is looking just as radiant as she is.

(Welcome vĩ đại the Anna show)

Titles vĩ đại kiểm tra out from her this year.

IPX 830- Beautiful Tutor Anna Kiss Lecture Individual Lesson

IPX 883- Sister-in-law's Bite T back Ass Can Not Stand And Midsummer Runaway Back Piston!

IPX 932- Experimental Document! ! 24 Hour Surveillance Confinement SEX! What Will Happen If You Fuck Kami Chan All Day Long...

Mahina Amane (Maria Hoshi)

Next up is S1’s Mahina Amane or soon vĩ đại be known as Maria Hoshi. Like Anna she’s another rising star from 2020 whose really come into her own. A tiny chick standing up at just 4’9” but not petite. She’s packing a generous pair of G cup titties up top. A soft supple pair with a perfect mix of big nipples. They look even better on her teeny tiny body toàn thân. I would already put them as one of my favorite pairs in JAV right. A medium mix that’s just right and looks great in all sorts of revealing outfits. Just a pretty pair. A classic busty petite she fits right in with S1 and the likes of Aika Yumeno. It’s hard vĩ đại break out in the star studded S1 but I think Mahina can be a reliable name on their large roster going forward.

Aside from her tiny body toàn thân and ample bust. Mahina is one drop dead gorgeous looker. A real pleasing face with a pointed face. High cheeks, a small mouth, a pretty wide nose, and those beautiful piercing brown eyes. She has such a pleasing smile that makes her eyes squint up ví delightfully. With long brownish hair that looks better when tied up. She also has a little beauty mark under her lip that's ví sexy. Pleasing is the best word vĩ đại describe Mahina as a whole. Outside of her rocking bust she has a typical slim figure. Short and small but still fine bodied her legs especially. A flat tummy too. Her face and boobs get a lot of focus up close but her overall body toàn thân should get it’s own highlight. Really show off how small she is. Fans lượt thích small girls too.

As a performer Mahina gets better and better by the title. Playful and enthusiastic. Does well in service type roles lượt thích tutors, maid, or masseuse. She’s shown a hidden devilish side that I am hoping gets explored more in the future. It feels lượt thích she would bởi well with more femdom lượt thích roles. I think she’s great when she is just subtly in charge of the action. This tiny little woman directing the action. Confidence is sexy and Mahina is teeming with it. Like with Anna I am eager vĩ đại see how she develop further. She’s on the upswing and is part of the few actresses that still feel idols. S1 sure does know how vĩ đại churn out the winners. Mahina Amane is a busty petite that should please anyone.

Titles vĩ đại kiểm tra out from her this year.

SSIS 306- A Small Devil But A Caring Big Tits Tutor's Rich Kiss Marshmallow Fucking Ejaculation Management Lesson

SSIS 331- Smile Immediate Fellatio Anytime, Anywhere A Large Amount Of Facial Cum shots With A Smile Until The End

SSIS 439- In A Situation Where You Can Never Make A Voice ... Do You Want To Be A Reverse Idiot To Mahina Amane? You Want To Be More Messed Up, Right?

Rino Yuki

Next up is who I think had the best 2022 of them all. Sure in overall popularity and sales she might lose vĩ đại the likes of Saika Kawakita or Ichika Matsumoto. But this sharp eyed fox was the new hotness. I am talking about Rino Yuki. I reviewed her debut last year and never saw this coming. The most impressive thing about Rino this year is hard she worked and how adventurous she was doing it. In sheer nội dung, Rino delivered lượt thích a madwoman giving us a hundred plus titles in all sorts of genres and themes. From tamer stuff lượt thích lesbian, gang bangs, or threesomes vĩ đại harder nội dung lượt thích BDSM, rough sex, and even trans. Some actresses go their entire career without even getting cozy with another women while Rino is off the deep over ví soon into her career.

Rino is a fully stacked actress. Just lượt thích that stacked rack of hers. Big creamy G cups with some really pink nipples. A soft pair with a nice shape. One of the best medium sized pairs vĩ đại come out of JAV recently. She has ass too with generous hips that come out vĩ đại a round ass. Rino’s ass is something that gets lost thanks vĩ đại her sweet chest but don’t neglect that booty. Kind of a sneaky good ass. A finely proportioned woman her overall figure is great. A pale slime figure with a flat tummy and narrow waist. She’s a treat for fans of either ass or tits and shouldn’t leave you wanting for much. Rino has a body toàn thân vĩ đại please anyone and the personality vĩ đại match.

This girl knows how vĩ đại work that supple body toàn thân too. Mashing those boobs together vĩ đại give a nice paizuri or arching that back vĩ đại give you the goods from behind. Rino is a great performer particularly in bed where she really shines. Rino can go hard either aggressive or submissive who goes wild while sweating up nicely. This foxy looking babe is a looker too and foxy really is the best word that comes vĩ đại mind with Rino. Those jutting ears, sharp looking teeth, and very sharp small eyes that hide a sneakiness within. She also has a deep raspy speaking voice. Which is just the cherry on top. I have no complaints about Rino. She really has it all; looks, body toàn thân, performing, titles. She looks great, performs great, and stars in loads of titles in all sorts of genres. And she’s only starting out. Rino Yuki is everything you want from an actress; her future looks bright. Get on this fox right now, she’s the hottest actress of 2022.

Titles vĩ đại kiểm tra out from her this year.

MIAA 574- Captive Female Investigator Oil Restraint Kimeseku Torture Infinite Acme Three Days Until Squirting Rescue Yuki Rino

MIAA 613- New Graduate Big Tits Who Joined The Pillow And 10 Shots That Go Crazy On A Business Trip Every Month

CAWD 363- When A Virgin Gets Barred By Two Big Tits Subordinates In A Shared Room On A Business Trip, It Becomes A Beast Slut.

Nanami Kawakami

A more niche pick and one that is already retired. Sadly Nanami Kawakami is gone but not before giving us one of her best years in JAV. I was hesitant vĩ đại include her because she really only worked for the first half of 2022 before silently exiting. Still she crammed in almost an entire year’s worth of titles vĩ đại enjoy before doing ví. On top of that she had a great 2021 too and was on my shortlist for best actresses that year too. It seems fitting vĩ đại give her the nod as she bows out. Starting all the way back in 2012 with Alice nhật bản for awhile before branching out as a freelancer. She still kept close vĩ đại them and worked with them right up until the over. A veteran actress who found herself a regular among the best of the freelancing studios. 

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A cutie with her tiny beady eyes, a slightly hooking nose, and those little buck teeth of hers. She has such a squirrely appearance. In recent years she has gotten much prettier and glamourous. A real glow up with her beautiful dark hair. Now dễ thương and pretty. She’s also has a bit of a darker skin tone. Physically Nanami is as slim and small as can be. Hardly any tits with her teeny B cup boobs. I find her little chest vĩ đại be rather dễ thương. On the other over she fares a bit better with a little bum and long thighs. However overall Nanami is not very curvy or well endowed. A petite frame with a lanky and slim body toàn thân. Nanami’s real appeal is her phenomenal acting and her fantastic attitude.

A real actress; Nanami was one of the best actors in JAV. Able vĩ đại enhance a script with her facial expressions, body toàn thân language, and her emotional displays. A small body toàn thân but a big heart and personality. Off script as herself, Nanami oozes charm and character. She’s shown an interest in acting after JAV and has netted some solid cameos in The Naked Director and Tokyo Vice. This slim petite can fuck and have lots of fun doing it. Be it sucking dick or chatting up her costars;  Nanami’s enthusiasm makes even the most middling title watchable. A real example of performing overcoming any physical shortcomings. Nanami Kawakami will be missed. See her go out on a hot streak.

(Making love vĩ đại her and the camera)

Titles vĩ đại kiểm tra out from her this year.

HMN 190- Nanami Kawakami And Iku Who Have Been An AV Actress For 10 Years! Kissing Chikusha Man Tide PtoM One Night Two Days Exhausted Extreme Tech Cream pie Hot Spring Trip

DVAJ 562- Nanami Kawakami, An Older women Of A Personal Trainer Who Is A Beginner In The Gym And Keeps having sex Me Weakly

BBAN 363- Beautiful Evil Lesbian Jealousy Crazy Licking And Confinement Training with Satsuki Mei

Luna Tsukino

My second niche pick is Luna Tsukino. A re-debut whose career started then stopped. She’s found much more success the second time around. Luna has a great 2022, finding plenty work for herself in some of the best freelance studios. Pretty impressive from a lady with a nonexistent social truyền thông presence. I see her becoming a nice fixture on the freelancing level. Despite her seemingly calm and quiet demeanor; Luna is a lot more kinky than thở you would imagine. This is a woman whose made her bones on the freelance scene and has done some truly out there stuff early on. She’s much more tame now but still a freaky chick.

So what is making Luna an underrated gem in JAV? Well first and foremost I have vĩ đại say it’s her pretty face. Prim short brownish hair with an unassuming appearance. A sloping nose, expressive eyes, and one big tongue vĩ đại boot. Filling into that slightly older woman slash Onee-chan role vĩ đại a T. She gives off the air of a confidant, more mature, and put together woman while still very youthful looking. A type that’s become ví popular in JAV lately. I bởi have vĩ đại address her cuts. Luna has a few old cut marks on her body toàn thân. It’s off putting but they are old and you hope that she is doing better. Her career certainly is.

So we know she’s got the looks but does she have the goods? In terms of chest and body toàn thân not as much. Standing up at 5’4” with a slightly above average frame and a lanky body toàn thân. She’s got small little C cup tits with sizable nipples and her midsection is the opposite of curvy. Her tummy and torso are one of the few that really don’t bởi it for bủ. However down below is where the fun is. Luna sports some nice sloping hips, a bubbly ass, and thick thighs. A medium sized bum that is really enhanced by her fat ass and those meaty thighs. I can’t tell which I liked more her ass itself or those big thighs. And she knows how vĩ đại use it. Pretty decent at the squat position particularly. Quite a few of her titles will highlight that thick hindquarters.

Looks and body toàn thân, kiểm tra. The next kiểm tra is her performing. Luna can deliver in bed and on the script too. A great actress for plot heavy themes and playing at roles or being a freak in the sheets. She is also a top tier blow job machine. This girl sucks. Those thin lips, that big tongue, and that long neck of hers is put vĩ đại good use. Luna has really surprised bủ with her expert blow job technique. And she’s ok with harder and rougher sex. There is a lot vĩ đại lượt thích about Luna and some not ví great stuff. For bủ the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. Luna Tsukino has come from the margins vĩ đại work herself into a great freelancing actress in JAV right now.

Titles vĩ đại kiểm tra out from her this year.

HMN 249- A Deca ass Female Teacher Who Truly Received The Rehabilitation Of A Problem Student Does Not Notice The Vaginal Cum Shot Ejaculation And Runs Out Of Control Pile Driving Piston! !

HMN 269- Local Declining Birthrate Countermeasures Department Kimeseku A Beautiful Career Woman Who Was Demoted To A Pregnancy Section

CJOD 347- Was Made To Vaginal Cum Shot At The Woman On Top Posture That Shakes The Big Ass While Being Caught By A Sober Glasses oneechan And Being fucked By Whispering Dirty Words.

Ichika Matsumoto

Finally we cap off with the petite princess herself, Ichika Matsumoto. Ichika’s become a superstar in JAV and this year she really got her little hooks in bủ. Does she even need an introduction? Ichika burst out the gate and has cemented herself as one of JAV’s superstars in recent years. Working mainly as a freelancing, she has amassed hundreds of titles in just the 3 short years she has been active. She works hard and works often. A team player who loves starring with oodles of other girls either as a group or one on one. Ichika can be love her or leave her but you can’t deny how good she is or how hard she’s worked vĩ đại get vĩ đại the top.

This octopus lipped cutie has a youthful face that nets her plenty of schoolgirl type roles. A lot prettier than thở she gets credit for because of it though. Small narrow beady eyes, big cheeks, an upturned nose, and of course that pouty mouth. Those thick lips give way vĩ đại a pointy and very playful long tongue. Capable of giving super tight dick sucking blow jobs. That mouth of hers is too fun. Even more fun is her attitude. Ichika is plenty of fun in her videos with lots of her moments in videos being GIF worthy. At her best when asked vĩ đại be herself and bounce off her costars. She falls into the trap a lot of being typecasted in these lighter hearted videos but can go hard as well when the occasion calls for it. This cutie can be fun both ways.

(Cute mode with Yui Nagase)

A tiny petite with no chest at all. A flat chested A cup with dark nipples. Not much vĩ đại grab there but plenty vĩ đại grab under her waist. Ichika has a great ass for someone ví small. It’s still small but good in many other ways. Like it’s round shape, modest hips vĩ đại a small waist, or it’s bouncy jiggly. She knows how vĩ đại arch it back and how vĩ đại ride it on men. A little bubble butt that’s a whole lot of fun. That ass is definitely her best physical asset. This year Ichika dropped hit after hit with lots of variety. Dramas, team ups, lesbian titles, CFNM, ASMR, IR, pegging, BDSM, the list goes on and on. She’s not just a youthful face, Ichika Matsumoto is a bonafide porn star.

(When she holds his hands down and pumps harder)

Titles vĩ đại kiểm tra out from her this year.

CJOD 340- Seed Squeezing Press That Ejaculates Until Morning Comes Ichika Matsumoto

MTALL 046- [Do You Want To Try Your Brain? ] The Best Masturbation Support ASMR That Makes Your Brain And Balls Troll With Little Devil Dirty Talk

CJOD 358- Three Days Of Sweaty Slut Who Was Caught In Close Liên hệ With Two old Friends Who Reunited In The Countryside Of The Homecoming Destination


Had vĩ đại make some hard cuts vĩ đại keep the list manageable and because some of them just missed it. First name that comes vĩ đại mind is Karen Kaede. She was really heating up in 2021 and seemed poised vĩ đại continue that hot streak in 2022 until a surprise shock announcement. She had great titles before dipping out too. I have little doubt in my mind that Karen was mix vĩ đại become a big star at Idea Pocket before her sudden retirement. What a shame. There is also Alice Otsu who doesn’t really bởi it for bủ but you have vĩ đại appreciate what she’s doing. The hardcore version of Rino, this chick is crazy. A massive squirt machine, a big deep throater, and a lover of anal including double penetration. With a big fat ass vĩ đại boot.


Then there is Yuki Takeuchi. Yuki hit the thể hình hard and has harvested those gains this year. Yuki has trained herself into a fit skinny unit. Competing in amateur body toàn thân building competitions in her off time. This thick lipped beauty is a great name at Premium now. This year we got a great duo title with her and Nanami as well as a terrific lesbian ban lifting title. We also got returning actress Sumire Mizukawa who has work lots in and out of JAV. One of the better Only Fans accounts from a JAV actress. This dark skinned lady is sexy can be with the haughty attitude vĩ đại match. Finally there is Akari Mitani who I really need vĩ đại watch more of. Whenever I see her she usually smashes it. As a double exclusive she’s given both quality and quantity. A great tight ass, a wild rung rinh, and one hard femdom when asked. She has taken Kurea Hasumi’s place well. If I had seen more of her she could’ve been on the list.


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That closes us up for the year. I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed the End of the Year series. I really enjoy making them and putting them together. And it’s not over yet. I still have my Top 30 JAV Titles of 2022 coming out next month. Expect plenty of the faces you see here today vĩ đại make an appearance. Look out for that. For now feel không tính tiền vĩ đại share your favorite actresses from 2022. Older ones you still enjoy, or rising stars that have really caught your eye, or newbies that you are loving right now. Chime in below.

Til next time FC out